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Infrastructure Incentives

EV Jump Start Lane 2023

Program Opens July 19, 2023

Closes August 18, 2023


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DC Fast Charging EVSE Express Plus Level 3

CP6000 Level 2

Increased incentives for public and private businesses

Up to


Per EV Project Cap


Eligible Equipment &

Software Costs

What's Covered?

EV Eligible Equipment

Make Ready

•Level 2 EVSE

•DC Fast-Charge EVSE

•Charge Management Software


•Electrical Panel Upgrades

•Wiring and Conduit



CP250 DC Fast Charging Level 3

Who's Eligible?

Tribal Entities

**Small Businesses

Non-profit Organizations

*Transit Agencies in Disadvantaged Communities

*School Districts in Disadvantaged Communities

*Low-Income Community

**California State Legislative Codes, section 14837

*CalEnviroScreen 4.0

*As defined by AB 1550


We have over 14 years of comprehensive electric vehicle charging installation experience.

• Over 5000+ charging ports installed

Experienced in 42 states

ChargePoint partner since 2009

We've captured millions in available

incentive funds

Incentive Fleet Program by

Funded by

Implemented by

EV Jump Start Lane 2023

Opens July 19, 2023. Closes August 18, 2023

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We Make EV Easy


Express Plus Level 3

Express 250 Level 3

CT6000 Level 2